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Why Choose Mayweld ?

Security in steel.

Mayweld bunded tanks and diesel dispensers feature heavy duty lockable lids and the all round security that comes with steel.

Durable and long-lasting.

Mayweld Single skin tanks feature a 2 year warranty and Mayweld Bunded tanks feature a 10 year warranty (subject to terms and conditions).

The Mayweld difference

Not all steel tanks are made the same.


Confdence in the security of your oil storage begins with installing a tank that meets both OFTEC Standard T200 and BS 799-5:2010

All Mayweld tanks comply to these standards which detail specifc internal bracing confgurations ensuring the tank is robust and structurally sound. Installing a non BS 799-5:2010 tank may invalidate your insurance

Investing in a quality Mayweld steel tank and maintaining it properly will ensure that your oil investment is protected.


* Our tanks are manufactured in accordance with BS799 Part 5 We reserve the right to change tanks without prior notice. All dimensions are approximate.